This relationship between ICHVEPS2019 and the individuals who signed up to the website called “Delegates” from now onwards. Both ICHVEPS Committee and the “Delegates” agreed that their relationship is governed exclusively by existing contracts. If there are specific conditions or rules that are not considered in this contract, the general practice of e-commerce and the rules will be considered as a standard.

The purpose of the article mentioned below is to determine the registration process and conditions between the ICHVEPS2019 and the Delegates, from personal data filling up the payments and end up back at the venue for registration. This article defines all the steps required to complete an order and guarantee agreement between both parties.

Delegates are people who register and pay to participate in the event ICHVEPS2019 conference.

Delegates can register with the following information:Delegates can register with the following information:

  • Personal Data
  • Credit card data

When the delegates has filled and opened the payment page, it means that delegates had fully accepted the price and conditions indicated on Delegates who have completed the registration process and payment means accepting these general conditions as agreed statement of applicable regulations.
ICHVEPS2019 is to ensure compliance and process all registration received online, with a limit of available inventory. The registration fee is not refundable, only transferable to a new participant (the process is via email to the committee). Delegates can also make purchases directly by visiting the ICHVEPS secretariat.

A successful registration and payment by credit card will be informed via email immediately on the spot.

Payment can be made by credit card. For transactions using credit card, participants are required to complete the payment. If the payment transaction has been successfully done, we will send you a payment receipt via electronic mail (email) listed in the personal data of participants within 1 (one) day after the payment process is completed. Keep receipt of payment at any time in case it will be required. All payment process is secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which provides each participant a full safety and freedom to do the registration online. ICHVEPS2019 committee does not have access and do not store any payment data, the direct payments processed by the bank concerned.

All prices are in USD currency and the website will be multiplied by the prevailing exchange rate of rupiah that day and include taxes.

Delegates should register via in order to be able to follow ICHVEPS2019 Conference. All submitted data is strictly confidential and will be protected. When Delegates completing the payment process, it means delegates approved all price indicated for the conference.

This term and condition is valid during the event of ICHVEPS2019 for both online and offline event.