PT. Zeus Prima Garda a lightning protection company established in Indonesia country under the equator with the highest thunderstormdays in the world. Backup with the most experience expertises in this field and support by the natural lightning research centre in Bandung West Java ,the company produces the most suitable lightning protection for application in the tropical region.

Increasing problems in the telecommunications equipment, telephone PABX, computers network, digital control system and instrumentation due by indirect lightning strike, brings the motivation to produce suitable lightning protection for this tropical area.

Electronics equipment, microprocessor, control system and computer has become smaller and more powerful but in the other side those equipment become more vulnerable to the surge induction by indirect lightning. Most lightning arrester products found in the market were produced in non tropical country of which mostly are not sufficient to protect equipment against lightning impuls in the tropic.

PT. Zeus Prima product is expression of a company and expert capability in R & D Research Development & Manufacturing to provide added value for your asset.

As a leading company in this specifically area, our main activity is to provide consultation services and the design of Lightning Protection System for people, buildings, computers, electronics and electrical equipment and others against lightning damage. This will be implemented by utilizing the Internal & External Lightning Protection System and by providing integrated grounding system.

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Since 2008, it has been separated from the software business unit of INDUSTRADE Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, INFOMATIC Pte. Ltd. in Singapore provides a variety of solutions for power electronics simulation for academic and commercial customers in Greater China and Southeast Asia territories.

Due to the rapid growth of the market in China, we have established Yingfumei (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in 2018 to provide more appropriate and immediate product services for local Chinese users.

We currently represent Plexim and Imperix‘s power electronics system simulation and rapid prototyping related software and hardware products, providing customers with complete solutions from offline simulation to online real-time simulation, from design verification to building a physical platform, we also represent ABB Semiconductors in Southeast Asia territories.

Open call for Company Exhibition.
At the 2nd ICHVEPS 2019, we invited Power Engineering related companies to have their own company exhibitions at the venue during the three days conference. For those who are interested, please contact us at:
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Contact Person : Rizky (+62 852-9219-8369)