Paper No.TitleAuthorSessionRoom
4864A Method to Quantify Data Quality in Asset Health Indices ModelAndreas Purnomoadi* (PLN, Indonesia), Ira M. Sari, Anna Maria Josephine Simatupang, Dimas B. Fiddiansyah, N.E. Saputro and M.S. Sofan HadiOS-1A (Asset Management)
922Assessing Transformer Insulation Aging through Oil Treatment Index: A Comparative and Correlation Study of 150 kV Power TransformersRahman Azis Prasojo* (Polinema, Indonesia), Liska Safarina, Rohmanita Duanaputri, Indra Kurniawan, Eko Yulianto and SuwarnoOS-1B (Power Transformer CMD)
3627Design of 1 kWp Solar Water Pump System for Land Irrigation in BanjaranAdinda Ihsani Putri* (Prasmul, Indonesia), Puji Sakinah Marinda, Permata Nur Miftahur Rizky, Misbahul Munir and Lina Jaya DigunaOS-1C (Renewable Energy 1)
9140Comprehensive Assessment of Small Batch Advanced Metering Infrastructure Utilization on Java Region to Support Indonesian Smart Grid SystemsMuhammad Helmi Prakoso* (PLN, Indonesia), Fiki Irawan, Abdul Muiz Sufianto and Dhanu Rediansyah OS-1D (Energy Transition and AMI)
Invited Speaker in SessionDr. M.V. Reddy (Nouveau Monde Graphite, Canada)OS-1E (Insulation Material 1)
Invited Speaker in SessionProf. Udaya Madawala (University of Auckland, New Zealand)OS-2A (Power System Control)
8927Prediction Health Index using machine learning and its correlation with Transformer Age on historical dataGemelfour Ardiatus Sudrajad* (ITB, Indonesia), Suwarno Suwarno and Gemelthree Ardiatus SubektiOS-2B (Power Apparatus CMD 1)
6596Design Planning of Hybrid PV System on Singkep IslandMuhammad Qadri* (ITB, Indonesia), Syarif Hidayat and Bryan DenovOS-2C (Renewable Energy 2)
9473Study of Protection System Setting to Mitigate Inrush Current Phenomenon: A Case Study in PT PLN (Persero) UPT DurikosambiSyaikhu Mubarok* (IT PLN, Indonesia),Musa Partahi Marbun, Muhammad Fadli Nasution and Arfan Id’ha NorgiyantoOS-2D (Power System Protection)
1018Evaluation of Total Acid Number (TAN) of Synthetic Ester Retrofilled Oil and its Correlation with FTIR SpectroscopyNur Amirah Othman, Hidayat Zainuddin* (UTeM, Malaysia), Muhammad Sharil Yahaya, Norhafiz Azis, Zulkifli Ibrahim and Mohd Affendi Che MusniOS-2E (Insulation Material 2)
7079Vulnerability Risk Mitigation Against Intentional Attacks for Non-Wire Transmission Expansion Planning Based on Game TheoryEko Yudo Pramono, Ardylla Rommyonegge* (PLN, Indonesia), Bambang Anggoro and Nanang HariyantoOS-3A (Power System Stability)
5538Surface Partial Discharge Phenomenon at Cable Termination in Medium Voltage Cubicle and Low Voltage Side Box of Power Transformer at PLN West Java Transmission UnitYodya Angga Karditama* (PLN, Indonesia), Zainur Oktafian Prabandaru, Hikmah Prasetia and Ardika Prisma SugandaOS-3B (Partial Discharge)
3884Inlet Guide Vane Control System Modification to Improve The Reliability of 13E1 Gas Turbine (Case Study in Priok Combine Cycle Power Plant)Gamal Fiqih Handono Warih* (PLN, Indonesia) and Imam Maulana AriefOS-3C (Energy Conversion and Power Plants)
2019A Review of Techno-economic Analysis and Size Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Using HomerDidik Sudarmadi* (UI, Indonesia) and Iwa GarniwaOS-3D (Power System and SCADA)
6224Space charge accumulation in thermally aged epoxy resinAmrendra Kumar* (IIT Kanpur, India) and Nandini GuptaOS-3E (Charge & Insulation)
Invited Speaker in SessionProf. Eduard Mulyadi (Auburn University, US)OS-4A (Power System and Energy)
7536Reducing Partial Discharge Activity in a Large Generator Unit by Increasing Hydrogen (H2) PressureNanda Redha Arsya* (ITB, Indonesia), Suwarno, Umar Khayam and M. Arief AuluddinOS-4B (Power Apparatus CMD 2)
5027Optimizing the Slot-Pole Combination of a 500 W Brushless DC Motor for Urban Electric BicycleIrza Kusuma Ajie* (ITB, Indonesia), Muhammad Fadhil Suwarman, Arwindra Rizqiawan and Jihad FurqaniOS-4C (Energy Conversion (Motor & Generator))
2830Estimation of Compression Dead-end Clamp Temperature to Identify Hot Spot of Transmission Power Line by Steady-State Heat Balance and Pitting CorrosionAndre Subagja Manurung* (PLN, Indonesia), Fajli Mustafa and Irvan BayurinaldiOS-4D (Power Quality and Transmission Line)
1888Effect of Localised Soil on the Measured and Calculated Resistance ValuesUsman Muhammad, Fazlul Aman and Normiza Mohamad Nor* (MMU, Malaysia)OS-4E (Lightning & Grounding)
7393Distribution Transformer Assessment and Risk Identification in PT PLN (Persero) UID BantenEka Dharma Yanthi* (PLN, Indonesia), Tribaktih Sadenna and Rio FerdianOS-1A (Asset Management)
2217Evaluation of Various Transformer Field Conditions Using Cross-Combined Frequency Response Analysis to Identify Specific DeformityBagas Maulana Sutardi, Ario Wulung, Muhammad Helmi Prakoso, Ary Pudiatmoko* (PLN, Indonesia), Abd Azis Reskiawan M, Umar Khayam and Suwarno SuwarnoOS-1B (Power Transformer CMD)
3355Analysis of Off-Grid PV Generation Systems for 3T (Frontier, Outermost, and Least Developed) Regions Using Lead Acid Battery Energy StorageHarris Hartman* (ITB, Indonesia), Umar Khayam, Deny Hamdani, Dwi Mandaris and Juan Robert Laurente GálvezOS-1C (Renewable Energy 1)
8523Integrating Existing Pre-Paid Energy Meter to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) SystemGuntur Supriyadi* (PLN, Indonesia), Dimas Aji Nugraha and Bintang Hadi DharmaOS-1D (Energy Transition and AMI)
4806Investigation Properties of Silicone Elastomer Insulation with Difference Composition Nanofiller SiO2+ATH Under Artificial Tropical Climate AgeingSalama Manjang* (Unhas, Indonesia), Ikhlas Kitta and Zarlina ZainuddinOS-1E (Insulation Material 1)
6213Finite Control Sets Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC) Implementation in PV Converter System for Maintaining The DC Bus VoltageWakhyu Dwiono* (ITB, Indonesia), Bambang R Trilaksono, Tri Desmana Rachmildha and Arwindra RizqiawanOS-2A (Power System Control)
3124Mitigation of the Potential for Sudden High- Temperature Hotspots on Substation EquipmentMuhammad Abdel Haq* (PLN, Indonesia), Kurniawan Danu D, Syafii and MuhardikaOS-2B (Power Apparatus CMD 1)
1791Optimization of Configuration Hybrid Power Generation System at Oil RefineryMuhamad Apriyudi Syafputra* (UGM, Indonesia), Joko Waluyo and Roni IrnawanOS-2C (Renewable Energy 2)
3931Power Quality Assessment on Priority Industrial Customers of Java-Bali GridDhandis Rito Jintaka* (PLN, Indonesia), Muhammad Ridwan, Achmad Syerif Habibie and Hakim HabibiOS-2D (Power System Protection)
8830Insulator Coating To Improve Outdoor Insulator PerformanceRetno Aita Diantari* (ITB, Indonesia), Rachmawati, Umar Khayam and Suwarno SuwarnoOS-2E (Insulation Material 2)
8622RTDS Dynamic Testing for Adaptive Defense Scheme on Several Subsystems in Java-BaliArmi Yudha Nugraha Purwantara* (PLN, Indonesia), Eko Aptono Tri Yuwono and M. Afip Nurul HudahOS-3A (Power System Stability)
5524Partial Discharge Measurement and Signal Analysis at Repetitive Voltage PulsesMaurizio Zajadatz* (KIT, Germany), Lucas Braun, Alexander Bisseling, Michael Suriyah, Sebastian Coenen and Thomas LeibfriedOS-3B (Partial Discharge)
6427SWOT Analysis of Utilization of Nuclear Power Plants to Support Net Zero Emissions in IndonesiaMujammil Asdhiyoga Rahmanta* (PLN, Indonesia), Agussalim Syamsuddin and Fefria TanbarOS-3C (Energy Conversion and Power Plants)
7616Optimization of Generating Unit System Locations to Convert Conventional Loop Distribution Networks to Radial Using Particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmSahabuddin Rifai* (Unhas, Indonesia), Andani Achmad, Intan Sari Areni and Syafaruddin SyafaruddinOS-3D (Power System and SCADA)
4176Effect of Conductor Notches Size Inside of 150kV Gas Insulated Switchgear Spacer on Electric Field DistributionMuhammad Fabio (ITB, Indonesia), Syarif Hidayat and Umar KhayamOS-3E (Charge & Insulation)
3564An Approach for Planning Under Uncertainties for Indonesia’s Long-Term Energy TransitionDjoko Prasetijo* (CIGRE Indonesia, Indonesia)OS-4A (Power System and Energy)
9797Typical Values of Gas Concentration and Gas Rates Increase in Dissolved Gas Analysis for Power Transformers with Different Operating VoltagesDhiastara Rahmanda* (PLN, Indonesia) and SuwarnoOS-4B (Power Apparatus CMD 2)
6688Optimization Design to Increase Efficiency of 350 W Outer Rotor Brushless DC Motor for Urban Electric BicycleMuhammad Fadhil Suwarman* (ITB, Indonesia), Irza Kusuma,Jihad Furqani and Arwindra Rizqiawan OS-4C (Energy Conversion (Motor & Generator))
5671Designing Harmonic Filters on LED Lamp Loads to Reduce Odd Order THDVica Claudia Meylinda* (ITB, Indonesia), Agung Cahyadi Putra, Deny Hamdani, Umar Khayam, Kevin Marojahan Banjar-Nahor, Arpan Zaeni, Ngapuli Irmea Sinisuka, Pascal Dupuis, Georges Zissis and Laurent CanaleOS-4D (Power Quality and Transmission Line)
1614A Proper Lightning Arrester Placement to Protect Traction Substation in Jakarta Bandung High Speed Railway SystemAlfiandi Rizky Prabowo* (ITB, Indonesia), Bryan Denov, Umar Khayam and Reynaldo ZoroOS-4E (Lightning & Grounding)
340Practical Approach in Setting Asset Management System and Capability in a State-Owned UtilityAnita Pharmatrisanti* (PLN, Indonesia), Andreas Purnomoadi, Heri Purnomo, Sylvina Naswil, Erny Anugrahany, Ira Mardyasari and Herry NugrahaOS-1A (Asset Management)
8976Assessment of Power Transformer Solid Insulation Condition Using a Composite Index: A Case Study of UIT-JBM PopulationRahman Azis Prasojo, Indra Kurniawan* (PLN, Indonesia), Didik Fauzi Dakhlan, Ika Sudarmaja, Wisnu Fitri Praditama and Liska SafarinaOS-1B (Power Transformer CMD)
4618A Deep Learning-Based Framework for Automatic Detection of Defective Solar Photovoltaic Cells in Electroluminescence Images Using Transfer LearningAbraham Kaligambe* (Shibaura IT, Japan) and Goro FujitaOS-1C (Renewable Energy 1)
5785An Investigation into Measurement Anomaly for Dual-Feeder and Dual Energy Metered CustomerDimas Aji Nugraha* (PLN, Indonesia), Guntur Supriyadi, Aji Suryo Alam and Oksa Prasetyawan WijayadiOS-1D (Energy Transition and AMI)
343Study of EMI Shielding Performance of CNT-filled Epoxy ResinHimanshu Gupta* (IIT Kanpur, India), Ankit Chauhan, Prabhat K Agnihotri, Sumit Basu and Nandini GuptaOS-1E (Insulation Material 1)
2030Effectiveness Verification of the Dynamic Volt-VAR Control to Reduce SVC CapacityHaruka Maeda* (Shibaura IT, Japan), Sandro Sitompul and Goro FujitaOS-2A (Power System Control)
2165Naïve Bayes Model for Combining Results from Multi-Methods Fault Identification of Power TransformerRahman Azis Prasojo* (Polinema, Indonesia), Hafiz Furqoni Wisam Azizi, Indra Kurniawan, Suwarno, Heri Sutikno and Imron RidzkiOS-2B (Power Apparatus CMD 1)
4267Comparison of Solar Power Meter and Intelligence Solar Power Meter and Its Impact on Solar Photovoltaic DesignRamadhani N. Atina* (Tel-U, Indonesia), Sudarmono Sasmono, Wahmisari Priharti, Muhammad R. A. Nata and Septiza F. NaifaOS-2C (Renewable Energy 2)
7634Discrete Fourier Transform Analysis on Highly Penetrated Variable Renewable Energy System to Achieve Frequency StabilityRadhitya Alfiandi* (ITB, Indonesia), Kevin M. Banjar-Nahor and Nanang HariyantoOS-2D (Power System Protection)
9287Influence of the manufacture process parameters on the dielectric properties of a composite material for the use in dry type transformersJavier Torres* (LUH, Germany), Laureen Stahl and Peter WerleOS-2E (Insulation Material 2)
3320Calculation of Minimum Generator Inertia Based on Unit Commitment to Increase Awareness of Stability in the Jawa Bali SystemImron Rosyadi, Jakfar Shadiq and Handika Putra* (PLN, Indonesia)OS-3A (Power System Stability)
680Determining Localization and Measuring Level of Partial Discharge in Power Transformer Using Acoustic Sensor: Case Studies at Kemang & Cilegon Baru SubstationZainur Oktafian Prabandaru* (PLN, Indonesia), Randy Restianda and Rofi'ul HudaOS-3B (Partial Discharge)
4584Coal Switching Evaluation on Coal-Fired Power Plants: Case Study in IndonesiaAchmad Nurfanani* (PLN, Indonesia), Handrea Bernando Tambunan and Ariyana Dwiputra NugrahaOS-3C (Energy Conversion and Power Plants)
3537Experimental Study of Flow and Spray Pattern Characteristics of Biodiesel in a Swirler BurnerEko Supriyanto* (UGM, Indonesia), Nur Cahyo, Ariyana Dwiputra Nugraha, Jayan Sentanuhady and M. Akhsin MuflikhunOS-3D (Power System and SCADA)
4751Estimation of Image Charge on Electrodes in Space Charge Measurements with Pulsed Electroacoustic AnalyzerBalaji Sriram* (IIT Kanpur, India) and Nandini GuptaOS-3E (Charge & Insulation)
4042Study of Stochastic Approach to Determine Value of Lost Load in Jawa-Madura-Bali SystemMusa Partahi Marbun* (PLN, Indonesia), Herian Atma, Anindita Satria Surya and Ira Savitri OS-4A (Power System and Energy)
8292Fabrication and Testing of Bow-tie and Long Bow-tie Combination AntennaAri Mukti Wibowo* (ITB, Indonesia) and Umar KhayamOS-4B (Power Apparatus CMD 2)
5063Power Enhancement Analysis from Exhaust Energy Flow of An Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power PlantWigas Digwijaya* (PLN, Indonesia), Handrea Bernando Tambunan and Ariyana Dwiputra Nugraha OS-4C (Energy Conversion (Motor & Generator))
7610Implementation of LiDAR and Photogrammetry in Right of Way Assessment for Improving Transmission Line ReliabilityMuhammad Helmi Prakoso and Mochamad Farid Mustofa* (PLN, Indonesia)OS-4D (Power Quality and Transmission Line)
6070Frequency analysis on pulse train of lightning discharge observed in Malacca, MalaysiaNor Asrina Ramlee* (UTS, Malaysia), Noor Azlinda Ahmad, Mona Riza Mohd Esa and Zikri Abadi BaharudinOS-4E (Lightning & Grounding)
9224Risk-Based Prioritization Method for Rescheduling Delayed Preventive Maintenance of Electric Power Transmission AssetsShaga Shaulagara, Verly Fazlurrahman* (PLN, Indonesia) and Hening Putri RiyandhiniOS-1A (Asset Management)
6924On Site Repair Internal Transformer’s Damage Effect From Through Fault Current DisturbanceEki Farlen* (PLN, Indonesia), Yoranda Putri Ristanti and Devi CahyaningrumOS-1B (Power Transformer CMD)
1980Engineering Study of Rooftop Photovoltaic “Study Case in Elementary School, JakartaTyas Kartika Sari* (Univ Trisakti, Indonesia), Syamsir Abduh, Dianing Novita Nurmala Putri, Chairul Gagarin Irianto and Maulasukma WidjayaOS-1C (Renewable Energy 1)
1001Implementation of Home Energy Management System for Indonesia Homes with Hybrid Power PlantMuammar Qhadafhi* (Tel-U, Indonesia), Jangkung Raharjo and Kharisma Bani AdamOS-1D (Energy Transition and AMI)
4802Adding of SiO2 Nanocomposite on Insulation Properties for Epoxy Resin Insulating MaterialAbdul Syakur* (Undip, Indonesia), Desta Rossi Septian, Ibrahim Khairunnas, Trinita Sigiro, Aulia Aulia and Umar KhayamOS-1E (Insulation Material 1)
158Volt-Var Control for Utility-scale Solar PV Plants to Replace SVCsKen Shimomukai* (Shibaura IT, Japan), Haruka Maeda and Goro FujitaOS-2A (Power System Control)
8905Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Motors Utilizing Corona Camera to Determine the Precise Location of Insulation Surface Discharge as the Basis for Undertaking the Appropriate RepairAhmad Ulul Albab* (Paiton, Indonesia), Amirul Ichwan and Ronaldo MartuaOS-2B (Power Apparatus CMD 1)
6399Techno-economic Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Off-grid Small Systems in Remote Areas of Indonesia: A Case Study in Three LocationsDidik Sudarmadi* (UI, Indonesia), Jordan Ananda Purnomo and Iwa GarniwaOS-2C (Renewable Energy 2)
464220kV busbar protection design development to overcome various disturbances caused by transformer loading configurationsHedi Purwanto* (PLN, Indonesia), Rofiul Huda, Agus Indarto, Dahlia Deka P, Fenni Prisilia and Zico Alaia AkbarOS-2D (Power System Protection)
3152Characteristic of Cup-and-Pin Insulator Flashover Voltage under Fan-Shaped Contamination with Various Types and Levels of PollutantMochammad Wahyudi* (UGM, Indonesia), Tumiran Tumiran and Noor Akhmad SetiawanOS-2E (Insulation Material 2)
3511Machine Learning Comparison in Application of Power System Instability DetectionRizky Rahmani* (ITB, Indonesia), Nanang Hariyanto and Bambang AnggoroOS-3A (Power System Stability)
600Simulation, VNA Test, and Calibration of Improvement Partial Discharge Detector Using Pi- Attenuator CircuitNaufal Hilmi Fauzan* (UGM, Indonesia) and Umar KhayamOS-3B (Partial Discharge)
344Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis on the Improvement of Hybrid Savonius-Darrieus NREL S809 at Various Fluid FlowsElysa Nensy Irawan* (Shibaura IT, Japan), Sandro Sitompul, Ken-Ichiro Yamashita and Goro FujitaOS-3C (Energy Conversion and Power Plants)
1674IEC 61850 Interoperability Testing for SCADA Product VerificationMuhammad Afip Nurul Hudah* (PLN, Indonesia), Andi Putra Pradana and Deva KurniawanOS-3D (Power System and SCADA)
9731Case Study of Internal Partial Discharge in Medium Voltage Power Cable Failure at Rangkasbitung Baru 150kV SubstationArtita Putri Melati* (PLN, Indonesia), Zainur Oktafian Prabandaru and Jainul KarimOS-3E (Charge & Insulation)
5101Design of Hybrid Solar Power Generation System on Tello IslandMuhammad Marshal Nugroho* (ITB, Indonesia) and Bambang Anggoro Soedjarno PutroOS-4A (Power System and Energy)
6533Comparison of the Formation of Aging Products in Mineral oil and Decane stressed by Thermal Transformer StressKristin Homeier* (LUH, Germany), Laureen Stahl and Peter WerleOS-4B (Power Apparatus CMD 2)
6286Modified Cuk Converter-Based Two-Stage Microinverter Topology DesignGhozi Alif Kirana Ramadhan* (ITB, Indonesia), Martin Alexzander, Jihad Furqani and Arwindra RizqiawanOS-4C (Energy Conversion (Motor & Generator))
1815Implementation of Adjustable Adapter Yoke Tool for Live Line Maintenance of Transmission 275 kV and 150 KV Tension InsulatorMuhammad Abdel Haq, Harry Dimarta and Tsanil Ma'Arif* (PLN, Indonesia)OS-4D (Power Quality and Transmission Line)
783Improvement of Transmission Line Grounding System using Conductive CementAndika Bagaskara* (PLN, Indonesia), Andhika Rizki Pratama and Septhian Ditaputra RaharjaOS-4E (Lightning & Grounding)
5752Asset Criticality Quantification in a Vertically Integrated Electricity UtilityHeri Setyo Purnomo* (PLN, Indonesia), Andreas Putro Purnomoadi, Agus Setiawan, Arief Ibrahim Wuller, Nuryanto Eko Saputro and A. PharmatrisantiOS-1A (Asset Management)
3987Implementation of Certainty Level (CL) on Transformers Health Index on Basis of Oil Quality Factor (OQF) on Kalsulmapana RegionEko Yulianto* (PLN, Indonesia) and Rahman Azis PrasojoOS-1B (Power Transformer CMD)
5502Study Of Optimization Of Photovoltaic Types Of Solar Modules For Batteries On Load CharacteristicsHeri Suyanto, Erlina ST MT* (IT PLN, Indonesia), Retno Aita Diantari, Tri Joko Pramono and Iwan Tutuka PambudiOS-1C (Renewable Energy 1)
4629Impact of The Increase in Fuel Cost For Jawa Madura Bali Electricity System Due to Carbon Tax Implementation Plan In 2022Putranusa Perkasa (PLN, Indonesia), Ziqri Umardi and Zilfa Hasanita NataliaOS-1D (Energy Transition and AMI)
3507Investigation of SiO2/ATH/TiO2 micro-nanofillers to improve performance of silicone rubber toward UV radiation and partial discharge on high voltage outdoor insulatorsMustamin* (Unhas, Indonesia), Syafaruddin, Salama Manjang and Paulina TabaOS-1E (Insulation Material 1)
6208Improving Power Quality in Double-Stage Single-Phase Grid-Conneted PV Inverter System using MPPT-FLC-PSO and FLCsIsaravuth Seedadan* (NCU, Thailand), Rati Wongsathan, Karrun Pannyo, Supaluck Suwan, Wutthichai Puangmanee, and Kuakoon Intarakamhaeng OS-2A (Power System Control)
7555Determination of Weighting Factor for High Voltage Equipment Replacement Priority Index using Analytic Hierarchy ProcessDaniel Bimbingan* (PLN, Indonesia), Didik Fauzi Dakhlan, Indra Kurniawan and Ika SudarmajaOS-2B (Power Apparatus CMD 1)
1368Optimizing Local Renewable Energy Resources for Reducing Energy Dependency on An Isolated Island: A Case Study of Saumlaki Island, IndonesiaTumiran* (UGM, Indonesia), Sarjiya, Lesnanto Multa Putranto, Rizki Firmansyah Setya Budi and Ahmad Adhiim MuthahhariOS-2C (Renewable Energy 2)
8754Island Stability Improvement Through Defense Scheme and Generation Control Parameters Optimization : Study Case In Central Kalimantan SystemRifqi Fatchurrahman* (PLN, Indonesia), Prawatya Herlambang, Subhan Hasisi and Adinda Rahma Sayta MeunasahOS-2D (Power System Protection)
5961Assessment of Voltage and E-Field Distribution in Outdoor Composite Insulator in 500 kV System for Interface DefectsAshok Narayan Tripathi* (IIT Kanpur, India) and Alok Ranjan VermaOS-2E (Insulation Material 2)
6033Security of The Bali Electrical System From interference Of 4 Marine Electricity Cables with the Adaptive Defense Scheme of The Bali IslandI Gde Made Yoga Semadhi Artha* (PLN, Indonesia) and Ahmad MurdaniOS-3A (Power System Stability)
452Development of Printed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna as UHF Sensor for Partial Discharge Detection in Power TransformersJean Pierre Uwiringiyimana* (ITB, Indonesia), Umar Khayam and Suwarno SuwarnoOS-3B (Partial Discharge)
7070Co-firing of Coconut Frond with Coal Blends in Coal-Fired Power Plant: Experimental StudyNur Cahyo* (PLN, Indonesia), Hamdan Hartono Alif and Tegar Kharisma PutraOS-3C (Energy Conversion and Power Plants)
3058SoC-Temperature Based Power Sharing Algorithm for Battery Racks in Grid Ancillary ServicesPrashant Pant* (TUM, Germany), Holger Hesse, Vivek Teja Tanjavooru, Martin Cornejo, Thomas Hamacher and Vedran PericOS-3D (Power System and SCADA)
3519Synergistic Effect of Polarity Reversals and Load Current on Life of HVDC Cable InsulationDarshan Prakash Borthakur* (IIT Kanpur, India) and Alok Ranjan VermaOS-3E (Charge & Insulation)
5414Gas Engine Power Plant Configuration Optimization Using Loss of Load Probability and Expected Energy Not Served: An Indonesian Case StudyMachmoed Santoso* (PLN, Indonesia) and Zakie Anugia OS-4A (Power System and Energy)
9351Review of Transient Earth Voltage Sensor Implementation to Detect Partial Discharge in High Voltage EquipmentUmar Khayam and Arpan Zaeni* (ITB, Indonesia)OS-4B (Power Apparatus CMD 2)
2832System Identification of a Roller Rig with Factory Default PMSM Drives for Speed Controller Tuning in Speed Synchronized Tractions of an Electric Train SimulatorKristian Ismail* (ITB, Indonesia), Suwarno, Tri Desmana Rachmildha, Estiko Rijanto and Yanuarsyah HaroenOS-4C (Energy Conversion (Motor & Generator))
3470Impact of Power Quality of Microgrids with High Penetration of Renewable Energy on the Characteristics of LED LampJack Nainggolan* (ITB, Indonesia), Kevin Banjar-Nahor, Arpan Zaeni, Deny Hamdani, Ngapuli Irmea Sinisuka, Pascal Dupuis, Georges Zissis, Laurent Canale and Umar Khayam OS-4D (Power Quality and Transmission Line)
4995Design and Testing PCB Rogowski Coil for Lightning Current MeasurementGerry Almanda Yulfiano* (ITB, Indonesia), Syarif Hidayat and Bryan DenovOS-4E (Lightning & Grounding)
7406Methods to Estimate the Likelihood of Failure of Individual Asset in a Power System BusinessAndreas Purnomoadi* (PLN, Indonesia), Heri Sutikno, Dhanu Rediansyah, Rezza Eko Prasetyo, R. Dimas Dityagraha and Achmad Syerif HabibieOS-1A (Asset Management)
449Lifetime Study of Trafo 150KV BAT.12 on Gas Turbine 1.2 PT PLN Indonesia PowerPriok Gas and Steam Power PlantJujun Tugistan Dana Atmaja* (PLN, Indonesia), Syamsir Abduh and Dheny Cipta FirnandaOS-1B (Power Transformer CMD)
6277Comparative Analysis of Defective Solar PV Module Inspection Using Thermal Infrared and Electroluminescence Imaging TechniquesKota Nakagawa* (Shibaura IT, Japan), Abraham Kaligambe and Goro FujitaOS-1C (Renewable Energy 1)
4482Analysis of Co-firing in 25 MW CFB Boiler Coal- fired Power Plant Using Palm Kernel Shell to Support Indonesia Energy TransitionJonathan Dian (PLN, Indonesia), Ivan Bagus Novendianto and Firza Zulmi RhamadhanOS-1D (Energy Transition and AMI)
7800Computation of Dielectric Constant of Cross-linked Epoxy resin through Molecular DynamicsPratyasha Das* (IIT Kanpur, India), Sumit Basu and Nandini GuptaOS-1E (Insulation Material 1)
3040Harmonic Stability in MMC-HVDC applications controlled as a virtual synchronous machineCarolin Hirsching* (KIT, Germany) , Alexander Bisseling, Michael Suriyah and Thomas LeibfriedOS-2A (Power System Control)
7810Post-Seismic Fault Detection and Diagnosis on Power Transformer: A Comprehensive Review and Study Case of Cianjur EarthquakeArio Wulung* (ITB, Indonesia), Bagas Maulana Sutardi, R. Agung Kusumajati, Umar Khayam and Suwarno SuwarnoOS-2B (Power Apparatus CMD 1)
3275Method To Improve The Accuracy Of PV Curtailment To Maintain The System Stability in North Sulawesi and Gorontalo Power GridArif Majiid Nusa Pratama* (ITB, Indonesia), Muhammad Irfan Hashfi, Ido Fandy Dermawan, Kevin Marojahan Banjar-Nahor and Nanang HariyantoOS-2C (Renewable Energy 2)
8205Comparison of Fault Location Analysis Techniques Used on Sumatra Transmission LinesIrvan Lewi* (ITB, Indonesia), Romario Oktavelen Ginting Munthe, Bagas Maulana Sutardi, Nanang Hariyanto and Kevin M. Banjar-NahorOS-2D (Power System Protection)
976A design methodology for a real-time smart automated system for detection of Insulator failure modesBeulah Limbo-Makuza* (NamPower, Namibia)OS-2E (Insulation Material 2)
759Optimal PMU Placement Based On N-0 and N-1 Contingency as Preparation of WAMPAC Implementation to Provide Complete System Observability: Study Case in Khatulistiwa and Interconnection System of KalimantanRifqi Fatchurrahman and Arma Perwira Nugraha* (PLN, Indonesia)OS-3A (Power System Stability)
9913Negative Corona Discharge from Needle–Plane Electrode: Experiment And Simulation StudiesI Made Yulistya Negara, I Gusti Ngurah Satriyadi Hernanda, Dimas Anton Asfani, Daniar Fahmi, Arief Budi Ksatria* (ITS, Indonesia) and Firlan Arya WahyudiOS-3B (Partial Discharge)
4830Analysis and Effect of Garbage and Population Growth on Waste-Based Electric Energy Generation Potential and Energy Demand in DKI JakartaMuhammad Rifqi Fadhilah and Syamsir Abduh* (UI, Indonesia)OS-3C (Energy Conversion and Power Plants)
5783Improving The Reliability of MV Bus Protection by IEC61850 GOOSE Message, Case Study at PT PLN (Persero) 150 kV New Jatake SubstationIdam Firdaus, Muhammad Fadli Nasution and Riarsari Meirani Utami* (PLN, Indonesia)OS-3D (Power System and SCADA)
8216The Impact of Coal Fly Ash (CFA) Micro-filler on the Properties of Silicon RubberTajuddin Waris* (Unhas, Indonesia), Tomohiro Kawashima, Naohiro Hozumi and Yoshinobu MurakamiOS-3E (Charge & Insulation)
9321Energy Demand Analysis of Train Electrification in Java IslandRiza* (BRIN, Indonesia), Adinda Prawitasari, Teddy Anugrah Ramanel and Adinda Ihsani PutriOS-4A (Power System and Energy)
6891Effects of Radial Divided Magnet Shifting on Cogging Torque of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Small Scale Wind TurbineNasywa Imanuddin* (ITB, Indonesia), Jihad Furqani and Arwindra RizqiawanOS-4C (Energy Conversion (Motor & Generator))
1108AJO (Adjustable Camelong) Conductor Clamp Tool for Repairing Corroded Insulator and String Set Insulators in Transmission Networks and SubstationsMuhammad Abdel Haq, Harry Dimarta* (PLN, Indonesia) and Riski HariyantoOS-4D (Power Quality and Transmission Line)